The generated HTML page will have the channels listed on the vertical axis and the shows' times on the horizontal axis. The shows' information is displayed via DHTML popups. Virtually every aspect of the HTML page can be customized via the configuration file and CSS file.


It is very important to have a valid xmltv file prior to using xmltv2html. Some xmltv grabbers do not output valid XMLTV data. To a degree, xmltv2html will work with invalid data.
  • The xmltv distribution has two programs that are vital:
    • tv_sort will sort the listings by date and add stop times (see man tv_sort)
    • tv_grep will filter programmes and shows (see man tv_grep).


Please read the INSTALL file for more information about installing xmltv2html. For the impatient:
  • Manually
    1. Download and unpack the .tar.gz or .zip file
    2. ruby setup.rb all
  • Using GEM (
    1. gem install xmltv2html
You will have to copy popup.js and xmltv2html.css to the directory where your HTML files are located. Also, you should edit the xmltv2htmlrc file and then use --configfile=<rcfile>.

Sample output

v0.7.0 ::: A sample of my output (25k) for 2006-02-13. Note the size of DHTML popup window and the size/type of the fonts. You can also adjust the colors for the text and backgrounds.


0.8.0 - Feb 27, 2006 ::: The programs' description can be search for any given string, such as actor's names. The favorites' list is now case insensitive.
0.7.1 - Feb 20, 2006 ::: The channel can be displayed in the favorite's list. The favorites list can be sorted by the program's start time.
0.7.0 - Feb 13, 2006 ::: The xmltv2htmlrc has a new format (slightly altered from 0.6.x). Please update your config file before using xmltv2html.rb when you upgrade. This release has been testing using the data from xmltv's test_grabbers. Hence, there are a lot of fixes dealing with missing data, invalid start/stop times, etc...
0.6.1 - Dec 21, 2005 ::: Fixed bug where times_interval == 0; updated URLs.